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Envirofreeze Dry Ice packs

Envirofreeze is a registered Brand by Sealed Air Corporation and has been the innovators behind the legendary Dry ice packs. These Dry ice packs are synthetic ice replacements that are Light and easy to freight and store and can be activated on demand.

Envirofreeze Disposable Ice packs

These Envirofreeze Disposable Dry ice packs are cost-effective and can be easily activated by simply soaking in water for a few minutes before being frozen. These Ice packs are formulated to last up to 6 times longer than the same volume of ice and keep frozen for weeks.

Envirofreeze Cold Chain Ice packs

These Envirofreeze Ice packs are ideal for Shipping Cheese, Chocolates, Food, Pharmaceutical products, Seafood import and export and transport specimens at pathology Labs.

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Envirofreeze ice packs are available in Standard 6 x 4 cell – 24 cells ice packs which are flexible when frozen and can be cut to size. These Ice packs are easy to dispose and work with perforation technology. These ice packs are best when frozen for up to 24 Hours. Using these ice packs in an ideal cold chain insulated cooler bag will give optimum performance to keep the products chilled or frozen.

Envirofreeze Dry Ice packs.

We Make these quality Dry ice packs Available directly from Sealed Air at the lowest prices.