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Envirofreeze Disposable Dry ice Packs Ice sheets Packs Wraps

Envirofreeze Dry ice packs are disposable DIY activate on-demand Cold chain Ice packs that are flexible even when they are frozen and can be easily activated by soaking them in water for a few minutes. The Water enters the permeable membrane and reacts with the polymer to form a gel that can help Keep frozen for extended times. The Envirofreeze ice packs are compact and easy to store and very cost-effective to freight compared to regular Gel Packs. They are made from Food Grade Materials in certified factories to ensure they are safe for Food Contact.

Disposable Dry Ice Packs for Shipping Delivery and Transport

Are you looking to transport chilled or frozen food products? Envirofreeze ice packs are ideal for all perishables like cheese, chocolates, Seafood, ice creams, and even Pharmaceutical products including medicines and specimens. These Dry ice packs are cost-effective disposable Ice packs that can work up to 6 times longer than the same volume of ice. They are

Cold Chain Dry ice packs for Shipping

These Cold chain Dry ice packs are replacements for ice and can keep things frozen or chilled for long periods. These Dry ice packs work on Perforation that is on the Textile. When it’s soaked in water, the water enters the permeable membrane and reacts with the sodium polyacrylate salt to form a gel pack. The Gel pack when frozen can reach up to -21 C and can stay frozen up to 6 times the equivalent volume of ice. This Performance makes them a reliable cost-effective ice pack solution making them easy to store and transport.

Envirofreeze Dry ice packs for First Aid Cryotherapy

Envirofreeze Dry ice packs are ideal for First Aid Cryotherapy in Schools. They are flexible and can easily wrap around an arm or a leg to give more surface contact and easy to dispose of once used. Most Schools purchase the Envirofreeze dry icepacks and activate them on demand without taking too much of the freezer space or storage space in the first aid room. The Dry ice packs can be cut into cells and into strips depending on the injury hence they are a lot more effective compared to other products in the market.

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